Redhead, nurse, sister, daughter, aunt, newly-ex-wife, sucker for lost animals, currently owned by Percy the cat and Spencer the dog. In the middle of some major changes–trying to figure out what I want so I can figure out how to get there.

Over the Halloween weekend many people mentioned “Rocky Horror” and the “Time Warp.”  It is hard for me to think of that movie without remembering one of the stupider things that I did as a kid.  I was basically a good kid.  I would actually say with confidence that I gave my parents far less trouble than my sister, my brother, or 2 step-brothers.  However, that wasn’t a tough competition.  As a result, I got grounded forever and faced seemingly endless lectures when I skipped school and went to Stone Mountain Park with two of my friends.  There was no drinking, smoking, or *borrowing* of cars illegally for this outing.  However, when you are the kid who never does anything wrong, your mother doesn’t think that you might have skipped school.  Instead, she thinks of you lying in a ditch by the side of the road or victim of a serial killer.  Therefore, you must pay for the mistake in addition to all the mental anguish that you caused.

The Rocky Horror story was never discovered when I was a child, but my parents were not the least bit amused when I told them about it many years later.  To be honest, if they could have grounded me again–it might have happened.  I was 13 and my friend was 12.  Her parents were out of town, and we pulled the oldest trick in the book.  She told her parents she was going to stay at my house, and I told Mother I was going to her house.  She was flat out lying, and I  omitted the “out of town” detail.  Neither parent checked the story out.  So, there we are at her house without supervision.  I’m not sure how the scheme was hatched.  All I know is that she drove us in her parents ’64 Mustang to pick up another friend.  Then we picked up some boys.  Then we drove to see Rocky Horror at the midnight movie less than one mile from my house.  They let us in at age 12 and 13??  What were they thinking??  Mind you, I was not a 13-who-looked-16 kid.  There was no way they were even checking at all.  I have to say that much of the movie was lost on me, but I did indeed, learn to do the “Time Warp,” and I threw rice at the wedding scene along with everybody else.  We drove a total distance of 10-12 miles–not on the back streets.  I hav always maintained that it was her father’s fault for teaching her how to drive when she was twelve. 

Last week, I had my niece and nephew for the day.  The niece is 10–and full of questions.  Due to a seat belt issue, she had to ride in the front seat.  She asked all kinds of questions about how did I know that we had enough gas, what did “neutral” mean, and I answered every one of them.  Later, I let her put the car in drive from park.  I did apologize to my sister later that day.  When Punkin Head goes to see “Rocky Horror” when she is 12??  I’m totally grounded again.

Comments on: "My father doesn’t like me to talk about this…" (3)

  1. every kid needs a cool aunt.

    oh, Stone Mountain, how fondly I remember you from my days in Atlanta.

  2. So, history repeats itself !

  3. Even wilder to read the entire story about your escapade!

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