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Fire Pink

Is the color of the shower curtain, towels, bath mat that I purchased.  The bathroom is painted gray and has a huge round mirror in a black frame over the sink.  When I chose the color, half of me thought I would need to return them for being so over the top.  I still think it is over the top, but I love it.  What do you think?


Christmas week wrap-up

It has been less than a week since I posted last, but it seems like it has been so much longer.  Time is interesting when it seems so elastic…sometimes stretching forever, and sometimes flying by so quickly I can’t even catch my breath.

I am indeed, now divorced.  It is such an anticlimax to getting married.  I knew the court date, but my ex did not call me when it was over.  I was divorced for a day and a half before I knew for sure.  Just plain odd.  I am not freaked out about it.  I have absolutely no doubt that it was the only choice I had available that made sense, but the sadness and sense of failure is great.  i did talk to him on Christmas, and I am still very hopeful that our relationship will continue in a friendly manner.

I have been in my new house (with the red door) for 10 days now.  It is starting to come together.  My sister and I had Christmas day all to ourselves.  Poppa went to see our brother in Florida, and her ex had the niece and nephew.  She came over and helped me unpack, arrange, etc.  We boiled a pile of shrimp, made a salad that went untouched, and toasted garlic bread.   It was incredibly difficult (5 stores?) to find horseradish to make our cocktail sauce with.  She found prepared horseradish every place she went, then I stopped and found some at a wonderful Fresh Market that appeared in my absence from Atlanta.   Neither of us really paid attention to the phrase on the bottle that said “Atomic very hot.”  She was mixing it with ketchup and asked if it was the right color (we both like it stronger than most people).  I said it looked good, and she popped a taste in her mouth.  Her eyes bulged and she said, “Wowie zowie!”  It was enough to make your nose run just from smelling it.  She ended up having to mix almost the entire (smallish) bottle of ketchup in to make it edible.

Saturday she got the kids and we opened presents with them.  They had a really good day even though we took them to Target too late at night.  My sister and I both hit the wall at about the same time, and it seemed like midnight around 8pm.  Thank goodness it was a low key weekend.

A few more things about the house.  My dining room furniture set is way too big for the space, so we moved the buffet into the guest bedroom (that doesn’t have a bed yet).  It seems to work, and with the drawers, can be used as a dresser when there is finally a bed.  My bed finally got put together Sunday night, and Spencer is perturbed that he has to jump up onto it.  I’m unsure how much physical difficulty it poses to him–he is old.  I don’t want to have to get one of those little stairs for my dog to use to get int MY bed.  Sheesh!    One thing I love about the house is that it has lots of windows.  I have to figure out what to do with them, though.  I’d almost like to leave them without curtains, but that means I must wear clothes more regularly than is my general custom.  Something will come to mind, I am sure.

One last note.  My therapy has been going very well.  I had such a hard time finding a therapist in Houston, it is a great relief to be back with SB.  I do not remember what year I first saw her, but it was before 1991.  That is the year Mother died and she actually came to the hospital to see me.  She and i worked well together in my early 20’s as I was dealing with the craziness that was my childhood, and I have figured out more than a few things about the kind of men I choose and how I am in relationships that will be helpful if I ever decide to date again.  It feels so good to be able to talk to somebody who I know “gets” me and has helped me be productive in the past.

I am looking forward to the New Year with anticipation.  I still have work to do, but I at least feel like I am headed in the right direction.  Who has plans for New Year’s?

In Search of the Perfect Bowl of Soup

When I was 12 years old (during a time of increased chaos at my mom’s house), Poppa took me to NYC and DC.   In NY we went to see the Rockettes, Grease, and other touristy stuff.  However, the excursion that is most indelibly seared in my memory is the search for the Chinese restaurant.  I was tired.  We were in Chinatown.  There was a Chinese restaurant in arm’s reach in almost any direction.  Evidently, none of these were the “right” restaurant.  “I’ll know it when I see it,” said my father as I became further convinced that he was searching for the Chinese restaurant equivalent of a unicorn.  Then we found it.  Down a couple of stairs, into a very small and unassuming place.  Surely, thought my pre-teen brain, this can’t have been worth it.  Then I had my very first taste of hot & sour soup.  I was completely sold.  All those blocks of walking had paid off.  While I agreed it was time well spent, I was also determined not to ever have to search as if in an Easter egg hunt again.  I wrote down the name and address and tucked it into a corner of my wallet.  That small shred of paper moved from wallet to wallet as I grew into a teenager and then into an adult (of sorts).  The paper is long gone–at some point it didn’t make the cut when a new purse was obtained.  But by that time it didn’t matter.  I knew Sam Wo’s at 39 Mott Street as well as I knew any other address in my mental files.  Unfortunately, the restaurant has long since closed, but if Sam were still alive–I’d put his hot and sour soup up against any other. 

Any favorite food stories out there?

Moving day–gotta love it!

Perhaps there is a way to accurately describe a move that doesn’t sound bitchy, whiny and pathetic, but I haven’t found it yet.

My sister and father kicked ass in the non-paid help category. After that, the details get uglier.

There was indeed a truck ready to be rented when we went to pick it up. The person behind the counter was the tiniest Indian woman I have ever seen. Someone (my father) said, “She wasn’t even big enough for a dot.”

The stuff from storage fit into said truck, my car and my sister’s minivan with inches to spare. The only vehicle that got a flat tire was the truck,and that was not on the side of the road–but in the driveway. Gentleman who fixed the tire arrived in less than 2 hours from the initial phone call.
It could have been colder, it could have been rainier. I could have actually puked rather than just feeling like I was about to all day long. One of the animals could have escaped. There are so very many things that did not happen that could have. It was in the scheme of things a relatively painless move. However, the contest for the “relatively painless move” is a mule race. Any horse can beat any mule, and who the hell wants to be a mule, anyway?

I love my house, and I look forward to feeling good enough to actually do something to it soon. It is cute and Spencer has a back yard. He requires not to be walked down 2 flights of stairs. This is a very good thing.

Insert witty title here…

This is the most random assortment of odds and ends, but I just couldn’t weave it together so I gave up.

Good grief!  I am so glad to be almost over the bug I had this week.  I had heard it was a wicked one going around, and I definitely got it.  I hope I didn’t share with anybody.

Moving day is Saturday.  I can take posession Friday, but I do have to work.  I will load the car Thursday  evening with most of the stuff from here (Poppa’s condo), and then unload at the house Friday evening.  Bought the biggest television in my history this week in order to be ready for the install Saturday.  I am getting internet,  cable, and phone (does anyone else still have a land line?) from the same company, and I didn’t want to test myself out in the new house without television or internet for 2-3 weeks.  One or the other, maybe, but not both. 

I do not remember exactly what I have in storage and what I will need to purchase.  I browsed much in Target yesterday, but the total dollar amount spent was $8.08.  I don’t think that has ever happened before.  Plus, I returned a pair of pants for almost $30–so that means I actually MADE money, right?  Seeing what I own and do not own will be interesting.

My descriptor up top says “soon to be ex-wife.”  It looks like soon will be tomorrow.  I know it was the right decision.  I needed to leave.  However, it still hurts, sucks, and makes me sad.  I guess I will deal.  Being a grown-up isn’t always Coca-Cola and Milky Way bars.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to put down a deposit at this place.  Spencer has adjusted poorly to the change.  He is the neurotic dog who likes to go in and out the door 5 million times a day.  On the 3rd floor, just not possible.  He has been showing his “displeasure” but using the dining room as his personal toilet.  I can walk him and he will pee for days.  Then, he will pee a small pancake sized puddle–sometimes even when we are looking right at him.  This was never a problem before (Atlanta or Houston).  Fortunately, Poppa was gonna replace the carpets in the Spring anyway, and doesn’t seem stressed about it.  I, however, feel compelled to pay for a carpet cleaning once we vacate.  He also likes to leave turd piles in the same room.  If he weren’t so freaking crazy already, I’d start the serious punishments, but I know it’s just adjustment disorder.   He will find himself on doggie prozac if he starts this stuff at the new house.  How appropriate is that–I have a dog who has an anxiety disorder?

It is very, freaking cold here.  I don’t want to hear any shit from any of my damnyankee friends about how this isn’t really cold.  For Atlanta in mid-December this is cold.  And, I have been in Houston for 4 years.  I was good ’til we hit the 20’s…then I had to borrow a jacket.

Breakfast at the Waffle House today


So, do the sis and I look alike?  We get varied answers, so thought I’d ask y’all.

Oh!  One last thing….the winner of today’s “Best Dressed” was a 2-ish little girl totally rocking a toboggan hat and bedroom slippers at the pet store.  Right foot–Elmo….Left foot Spiderman.  Loved it!

Okay–one more

As a result of reading Cordelia Calls It Quits today, I am commiting to  at least one positive a day.  (While  I do think Sam and my crud were worth mentioning, I don’t want to be about the negative.)  Also, I seem incapable of creating an active link in WP, an email tutorial would be appreciated.  I could do it in my previous platform, but not here.)

On with the positive–Saturday night I went to see Carolina Chocolate Drops show.  They were wonderful fantabulous.  I had an extra ticket that was going to be unused.  I asked random people (who regarded me with at least a modicum of doubt) who was purchasing for that night’s show.  I found someone from out of town and gave her the ticket.  She was thrilled. and it made me smile.  I was gonna lose money no matter what, why not take a bit of extra effort to make sombody’s evening?  There is my positive note of the day.  What is yours?

Quick update

Yes, I did indeed get the house despite Sam’s total lack of understandind how disappointed this redhehead would have been otherwise.  I am moving December 18th.  Thank you all for the well wishes!

In other news, don’t get the current crud that is going around.  I am on antibiotics and good cough medicine and demonstrated sufficient pitifulness that my father walked my dog without my asking.  (He is wonderful in most ways, but do not ask him to help pack/unpack for a move, or walk your dog.)  As for the moving, he does kick ass at driving a truck halfway across the country–and then back.  Enough run-on-digression–clearly even computer use in bed is beyond me.  Hope everyone has a happy, healthy Wednesday!