Redhead, nurse, sister, daughter, aunt, newly-ex-wife, sucker for lost animals, currently owned by Percy the cat and Spencer the dog. In the middle of some major changes–trying to figure out what I want so I can figure out how to get there.

Okay–one more

As a result of reading Cordelia Calls It Quits today, I am commiting to  at least one positive a day.  (While  I do think Sam and my crud were worth mentioning, I don’t want to be about the negative.)  Also, I seem incapable of creating an active link in WP, an email tutorial would be appreciated.  I could do it in my previous platform, but not here.)

On with the positive–Saturday night I went to see Carolina Chocolate Drops show.  They were wonderful fantabulous.  I had an extra ticket that was going to be unused.  I asked random people (who regarded me with at least a modicum of doubt) who was purchasing for that night’s show.  I found someone from out of town and gave her the ticket.  She was thrilled. and it made me smile.  I was gonna lose money no matter what, why not take a bit of extra effort to make sombody’s evening?  There is my positive note of the day.  What is yours?

Comments on: "Okay–one more" (3)

  1. Okay, my positive note for the day was that I gave George’s teacher coffee.

  2. cordeliacallsitquits said:

    I’m so happy I got you thinking! Thanks for the mention. 🙂

  3. you are awesome. anyone that would take the extra effort to add to someone else’s happiness is Very, Very Cool in my book.

    My positive note-hmmm….i started smoking again, in secret, and i’ve been super ashamed of it. you are the only one that knows. i am now down to one a day. that was a challenge for me…so that’s my positive note for the day.

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