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Making a house a home

I think I may have mentione before how much I love my “house with the red door.” I have finally gotten around to hanging some stuff on the walls. I can’t really say that I have a “grown-up” house, but that’s just fine with me. I suppose that is why my niece and nephew were overheard dividing up my stuff “to be prepared” for when I die. Little scoundrels. Today, I managed to address the hallway wall. (If I have finally figured out how to make an active link, that will take you to a flickr photo. If not, you will have to settle for one I upload here…but the one here won’t have all the tricky little notes, so I really hope it works.)
I struggled with the fact that the art didn’t have a cohesive theme, then decided I would just pretend it didn’t matter. With that in mind, I added a couple of items most normal people don’t hang on the wall to make it even more eclectic. I think I like the way it turned out. If you can get to the etsy links, please visit them. The artists are very talented. The one in the middle is called “But She Was Only Dreaming,” and is the work of a blogger who does not have anything currently up in her store, but she totally rocks. I totally welcome any feedback.  So, what do you have on your walls?  Anything unusual or surprising?  Family photos?  Please share.


Comments on: "Making a house a home" (7)

  1. J Cameron said:

    Looks pretty good. The center picture will eventually need another home as it really is too small for the display. However it hangs together. A- from the Russian judges.

  2. Your Sister said:

    in other words, it’s not offensive.

  3. We can query the source, but I choose to believe that “A- from Russian judges” trumps “not offensive.”. Just sayin’.

  4. success with the flickr account! i just clicked over and it works!

    girl, it is YOUR wall and it is fantastic just the way you do it, cohesive theme or not!

    there was a little wall in my library that i wanted to add a little weirdness to, so i got some galvanized steel letters to spell out the word “BLING” in a pretty large size and hung them up. people are always confused when they walk into the room, but you know what….i don’t care. =)

  5. I love the gallery!! Nothing too unusual on our walls–mostly art downstairs, more family photos upstairs. My favorite piece is the one a Louisiana artist did using the dried petals from my wedding bouquet and oils. It’s such a cool memento and really beautiful in its own right!

  6. Sally Kolks said:

    Looks good sister! I think it looks cohesive.

  7. Great quote from Emerson.

    I think that you should spice up the boomerrang story even more. Might make for a good post.

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